s. r-trois /ɛs ɛʁ twa/

lʼassiette HOKURIKU

“Assiette” is French for a delicious dish.
s. r-trois offers seasonabl e dishes changing its color day by day.
The rich flavors of our dishes reflect the exceptional ingredients found in the Hokuriku region, encompassing Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui.
Based on French cuisine skills, the chef offers dishes with various experiences all over the world including Japanese cuisine.
And also you can indulge in the perfect harmony between Natural wine and Hokuriku wine to your heart' s content.

Dedicated to embracing the essence of each season, we take delight in presenting splendid dishes,
intricately crafted with wholehearted preparation and vibrant ingredients.
Our colorful creations reflect the changing days, inviting you to savor the moment in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

  • A six-course lunch included a dessert 8,000yen (8,800yen Tax Included)
    A eight-course dinner included a dessert 13,500yen (14,850yen Tax Included)
  • Note: A service charge will be charged.
      There are only two courses above.
  • After a dessert concluding the course we prepare petit fours (tiny sweets).
    Please enjoy them and relax with coffee, tea, and s. r-trois' original blend herb tea in the calm atmosphere.


Toyama is known as one of the best places to enjoy seafood in Japan.
Did you know, however, that there are abundant potential ingredients in the fields, mountains, and rivers of Toyama?

Chef Murata has immersed himself in those places and forged connections with numerous producers involved in growing, harvesting, and hunting,
taking pride in these ingredients. This connection stems from the chef’s appreciation for the producers’ love for nature.

Thanks to the producers, s. r-trois can capture the cooking techniques that play harmonies with each ingredient,
allowing us to leave a lasting impression on our guests.

We aspire to offer enticing and impressive dishes based on our experiences.
These dishes have their own stories, crafted by us, the producers, and the precious ingredients we use.

Of course, in Toyama, there are many ingredients we have yet to discover in the Hokuriku region (Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui).
We aim to expand our horizons by connecting with various producers and exploring new ingredients there.

Les Vins et Les Boissons
-Wines and Drinks-

We have carefully assembled a diverse selection of wines, including Natural wine.
We hope you will enjoy the harmonious pairing of wine and cuisine.
Our collection features French wines, and we proudly offer a range of Japanese wines,
with a special emphasis on those from the Hokuriku region.

Our three wine varieties for pairing
4 varieties (short course): Price: ¥6,160 (in tax)
5 varieties: Price: ¥7,500 (in tax)
6 varieties: Price: ¥8,800 (in tax)
Our three non-alcoholic pairing options:
4 varieties (short course): Price: ¥4,730 (in tax)
5 varieties: Price: ¥5,500 (in tax)
6 varieties: Price: ¥6,930 (in tax)

It would be greatly appreciated if you could specify your chosen course when making a reservation.
Please note that depending on the availability on the day of your reservation,
we may not be able to provide the exact drinks you order. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Glass of wine: Starting at ¥928 (Tax Included: ¥1,020)
Others: We also offer beer and highball as well as non-alcohol drinks

Chef Murata

Chef Murata

Seiji Murata
Born in Osaka in 1980 / Speaks Japanese, French, English

His culinary journey began with training at a French restaurant in Osaka.
Following this, he gained valuable experience in the cooking department of a bridal company before embarking on a new adventure in France.
He trained at “La Table Du Gourmet” a Michelin star restaurant, in Riquewihr, one of the most beautiful village in Alsace region.

After coming back to Japan, he worked at “La Maison de GRACIANI KOBE KITANO” where got a star of Kobe Michelin and “Limberry NaotoKishimoto Kyoto” where got a star of Kyoto Michelin and then he stepped into an ambassador’s chef industry.
He had worked as a chief chef at Japanese Embassies in Djibouti and Pakistan for 4 years. While working as a chef of Japanese Embassy in Djibouti, He trained at “Kashiwaya Senriyama” where got a three star of Michelin Osaka in the short term. After returning Japan, he moved to Takaoka city in Toyama with his family to open his own restaurant as his culmination, which brings his here.

Store Photo

The Three Thoughts Behind Our Restaurant’s Name

We'd like to welcome our guests with the belief that “Cooking can touch people’s hearts”.
We invite our guests to embark with us on a journey where every moment overflows with happiness, glowing warmly, like a gentle sunbeam.
We aim to serve creative and original dishes, utilizing a wide range of ingredients for a unique culinary experience.

Reservation Required / Dress code is Smart Casual

  • [Tuesday - Saturday] Dinner: 6:30PM - 9:30PM
  • [Tuesday - Sunday] Lunch: 12:00PM - 2:30PM
  • * On Wednesday nights, Chefs Table may be reserved exclusively for one group (up to 4 people)


Closed for Mondays and dinner on Sundays, as well as during Obon and New Year holidays.

2F, N Bldg. 3-5-58, Shimizu-cho, Takaoka-shi, Toyama (Note: 1F of N Bldg is Nakayasu shuhan) .
Telephone number 050-3159-4027050-3159-4027
From JR Takaoka station, Ainokaze Toyama Railways
It’s approximately an 11-minute walk or a 3-minute drive.
Located near JR Shintakaoka Station (a Shinkansen stop),
it’s about a 5-minute drive away.
From JR Toyama Station,
it’s approximately a 35-minute journey by public transport or a 40-minute drive by car.
From JR Ishikawa Station (a Shinkansen stop),
it’s approximately a 25-minute journey by public transport or a 50-minute drive by car.